ISV Industry Insights

  1. Are You Maximizing Revenue From Your Payment Residuals?

    Bill Lodes, executive vice president of business development & strategy at First American Payment Systems sat down with ISVinsights to discuss what software companies need to know about recurring revenue, evaluating residuals from different payment processors, increasing payment residuals, and what kind of investments ISVs are making with these increased revenues.

  2. EMV Technology Continues To Evolve

    The EMV transition has gone pretty smoothly across the U.S. after a few initial hurdles, but that doesn't mean this emerging payment technology isn't due for a few upgrades here and there.

  3. Tracking The Evolution Of Payment Systems

    For decades, the big payment technology in use not only in the U.S., but around the world, was the familiar old magnetic strip on the back of credit and debit cards.

  4. How ISVs Benefit From Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions

    A semi-integrated approach simplifies the EMV process, expedite in-store experiences, offer ease of ownership, and reduce Payment Card Industry data-security standard (PCI) compliance requirements. This approach to EMV for an ISV or VAR means that they are able to avoid going through the full certification process on their own. This saves the partner money, time, and allows for a quick deployment to market. 

  5. Quick Chip Technology Boosts EMV Transaction Speeds

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover have offered solutions for faster EMV transactions. All of these major card brands have updated their EMV software with Quick Chip.

  6. More Restaurants Turning To Innovative POS Devices

    The ways in which people like to pay for all sorts of things have changed rapidly in the past few years.

  7. Advanced Payment Technology Could Address Security Concerns

    The good news is that the industry-wide push for increased security - through both EMV and mobile adoption - seems to be paying off.

  8. The Reseller's Approach To Writing A Marketing Plan

    Making the decision to invest in marketing is a no-brainer for some, but for many small businesses, the choice between investing in business infrastructure or bonuses and running a marketing campaign can be difficult. By Greg Aiken, Partner Marketing Manager

  9. SMART Marketing Tactics For Small Biz

    Marketing can do a great job in helping you keep new business coming in and nurturing existing customer accounts. When you tie your marketing to growth in these accounts, future campaigns become smarter and your sales team is truly extended by your marketing efforts. By Brenda McCurry, Vice President, Merchandising

  10. RSPA President's Note - February 2017

    As our Executive Editor Amber was contemplating our 2017 content agenda, she kept coming back to the topics we most frequently hear our reseller members discuss, lament, ponder — how can they compete/differentiate themselves/have their message heard? It was then that we knew the topic we wanted to kick off the year with — marketing!