ISV Featured Articles

  1. When Innovation Falls Short

    It's an exciting time to be working on innovation. Strong public markets, rapidly developing technology, and fierce competition across all sectors are driving massive investment. New products, services, experiences, and processes are top of mind for leaders, getting the attention of C-suites and boards. To compete, companies have no choice but to innovate. Leaders are finding the success of the businesses and their personal trajectories is now closely tied to their ability to quickly translate innovative ideas to operable concepts that deliver transformational outcomes.

  2. How Events Can Help Develop New Relationships And Strengthen Existing Ones

    While simple in theory, the strategy surrounding customer conversations is dynamic. Today’s consumers' preferences transform quickly. As a result, companies need quality guidance on how to keep up. That is why Helpshift is hosting RESOLVE 18, an event that will be all about the new customer conversation, March 21 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Helpshift Chief Marketing Officer Paul Sebastien took time recently to speak with Software Business Growth (formerly ISV Insights) about RESOLVE 18, from why the event is necessary to what Helpshift expects to gain from hosting it.

  3. How To Best Structure Your Team: Start With The Why, End With The How

    Before going through all of the effort to recruit, on-board, and train your next employee, make sure you have a clear road map that begins with mission, the role the employee will play in supporting that, and how their individual efforts will help the organization succeed.

  4. Tax Planning For SaaS & Software Companies In 2018

    With most software and SaaS companies thinking about taxes in March and April, Steve Sehy, a fractional SaaS CFO from CaaS for SaaS CFO Services and Tim DuVall, a tax partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller CPA firm, have teamed up to put together a targeted presentation specifically for SaaS and Software companies. The presentation was developed in conjunction with SaaSOptics and SaaS Capital.

  5. Why Your Software Company Can’t Ignore Online Reviews

    Claire Alexander brings nearly two decades of experience in digital strategy, new product development, and go-to-market leadership across the media, clean tech, education tech and advertising tech industries. She sat down with to discuss how software companies should handle negative customer reviews, how they can generate more reviews, and why B2B software buyers rely on online reviews when making purchasing decisions.

  6. Software Soundbytes: Avoiding The “Just Checking In” Conversation With Your Customers

    You can’t grow your software company without continuous feedback from your customers. Your sales, marketing, product, and customer success teams all need to spend quality time communicating with customers. But no customer wants to see an email or hear a voicemail that leads with “I was just checking in to see...” Jocelyn Brown, VP of Customer Success at marketing performance management software company Allocadia, uses real-time user data to ensure customer contacts are insightful and meaningful. In less than 90 seconds she explains how customer data helps Allocadia, a software company with an 852 percent revenue growth rate since 2013.

  7. Why A Small Software Company Was Flooded With 575 Job Applications

    Wildbit has been building development workflow, email delivery, and code deployment software for more than 16 years. The company was recently flooded with 575 applicants for a content strategist position. That’s right: 575 applications that didn’t require hiring a staffing firm or even heavily investing in promoting the job posting.


  8. An M&A Q&A With A Founder Who Sold Two Software Companies

    Steve Jones has sold multiple high-tech companies, and is a board member of several software companies. He is also an SVP with Corum Group, an M&A advisory firm that works exclusively with software and tech companies. Jones recently spoke about M&A trends at the World Financial Symposium in San Francisco, and he caught up with to share his expertise with other software companies who are thinking about selling.

  9. Why Growing Software Companies Need An Awards Strategy

    Many companies view awards as superfluous to their main activities, believing their products and services should speak for themselves. This confidence is absolutely key to success. But why not accelerate the journey and share your achievements with prospective new customers and partners?

  10. Assessing And Planning For GDPR’s Impact On Software Companies

    With 10 years of experience as a product management, analytics, and technology entrepreneur, Brian Hyman, product manager for Helpshift, focuses on both strategy and delivery of digital analytics, marketing technology solutions, and data products for Software, Internet, and SaaS companies. He also delivers practical advice for tailoring and implementing agile analytics into daily business operations.