ISV Featured Articles

  1. 6 Steps To Shortening Your Sales Cycle

    Have you ever sat in a sales forecast meeting and wondered why those 6 opportunities are still on the list? You have heard the sales rep say, “This one should close this month!” for the last 6 months.  In the back of your mind, you are thinking, “Yeah right!”  Well, I hate to tell you, if this is happening to you, there is something wrong with your sales process and it is impacting your sales cycle.  

  2. ISVs - Help Your Clients Lean In To Digital Transformation

    As you are likely well aware, for your clients to digitally transform their business, they must do more than simply adopt new digital technologies. I am guessing you have spoken with numerous clients that feel fait accompli because they have simply deployed innovative new hardware or software.  But, unless you help your clients to be strategic about their overall approach, they can easily miss the boat on actual transformation, and the capabilities and benefits that accompany it. And guess who will likely be blamed?

  3. SaaS Funding Lessons From A Brewing Startup

    The CEO of a brewery POS software company shares insights from raising a seed round that can apply to software companies at any stage.

  4. Why Employee Experience Matters In M&A

    Your software company can drive deal value through a digital workplace.

  5. Developing Emotional Intelligence First Can Help You Develop Others

    A common misconception surrounding the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) is that it can easily be mastered. Yet the reality is this: emotional intelligence is like a muscle that needs conditioning to strengthen and develop; it can’t go from lifting 10 pounds to 110 in a single day. Emotional intelligence requires practice, care and—most of all—effort. The best strategy for enhancing emotional intelligence is accepting that there is no one perfect strategy. Researching articles, listening to talks and reading books are all ways to understand varying strategies in order to define your own. So, why not start here?

  6. Growing A Software Company Internationally Is A State Of Mind

    The CEO of an international software company operating globally in 14 countries, with customers in more than 120 countries, outlines his expansion strategy.

  7. 9 Hacks For Successful Software User/Partner Conferences

    If you’re one of the 80 percent of B2B companies with marketing dollars allocated to events, keep reading – especially if you’re a software company that hosts its own partner/user conference. If you’re not part of the event world, you should know Forrester ranks trade shows and events as the second most effective marketing investment behind your company’s website (but convincing you to enter the events business is another article for another day). When done right, partner/user conferences are a proven way to reduce churn, generate revenue, increase engagement, gather feedback, and create excitement about new products or features.

  8. 3 Ways Software Businesses Can Succeed In 2018

    An international software company’s CEO explains why execution, rapid response to change, and challenging the status quo will make or break tech companies in 2018.

  9. How Streamlined Onboarding Reduced Churn By 9%

    A software company that has grown 1,700% in 18 months shares advice on its revamped and automated onboarding process

  10. Top-Down Estimation Can Drive Efficient And Boundaryless Software Development

    Employing a top-down estimation approach to project management can help organizations overcome boundaries and satisfy the three V’s - vision, value, and velocity. QSM, a software process improvement and systems development estimation consultancy, takes a closer look at how this approach can work for software companies, particularly larger organizations, to help them improve project management, team collaboration, and development practices.